Welcome to our journey to
South Africa on November 1 - 20, 2005

The travellers were Olle, Gudrun, Anna, Tommy and Tilde. Per had lived in Cape Town since February studying at the University of Cape Town (UCT). This was a good reason to travel, and as a bonus we had a local guide.

We flew via London to Cape Town and back to Arlanda again.

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This map gives an overview of the small part of South Africa that we explored. The green-coloured line shows our excursion into the wine land. The red line is our journey on the Garden Route, to Addo Elephant National Park, and back to Cape Town again.

On the map we have put small labels with dates for the places where we stayed over night.



Here is a map showing Cape Town and surroundings. The red circle marks the guesthouse where we stayed and the green triangle represents Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, an important landmark for some people.
The wine lands are easily accessible from Cape Town, but they also stretch far, both north and east.
There is a map over the Robertson area on November 15th-16th.
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