Thursday 3rd

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Cape Town

This day we spent most of the time in Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens situated on the south east side of the Table Mountain. It is not far from the centre of the city and rather close to our hotel.
Of course we took a lot of pictures of the abundance of colourful flowers. Though unfortunately early November was too late in the season for some of them.

Here comes a choice of some pictures. You can also study them in larger size if you click on the photo.

There is a family of flowers called "Protea", it has an innumerable number of members in various forms. Here are some great examples.
They are beautiful even as buds.
There were many cactus-like "things" whose names are unknown to us. There were sedums and big trees that we had never seen before.
We are used to have geraniums as houseplants. Here they are big bushes.

The weather forecasts had promised clouds and rain but the sun was shining the whole time. However, all the walking around took its toll.

In the afternoon we went to Camps Bay on the Atlantic side of the Table Mountain and had a late lunch.

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