Monday 14th

Joubertina - Oudtshoorn - Buffelskloof

This is the fresh morning after the rainy Sunday and we are leaving Joubertina. Down in the valley you can se the farmhouses.

The road gets more dramatic with narrow mountain passes.

A lot of exotic plants growing close to the road.

There where very few cars on the road. A lot of signs warning us for wild animals, but none were seen. The wildest things were hundreds of centipedes crossing the road. Here is a big arum lily  in a ditch.

At lunchtime we arrived in Oudtshoorn, the ostrich capital of the world. To us Christmas decorations looked very out of place in the summer heat.

We visited Cango Wildlife Ranch, an animal farm where they breed endangered species.

This is the entrance.


Lunch in Oudtshoorn in the shadow of a jacaranda tree where the petals were "snowing" over us.

These lemur-like animals are watching us.

The lions are relaxing after lunch. Hardly any animal could look more at peace than cats. A wily Nile crocodile is resting after a good meal.

The guide and a cheetah.

Rabbits always look very cuddly.

Those who payed extra had the pleasure of touching the white Bengal tiger cubs. They are 6 months old, though they are not small ones.
Mother tiger was luckily on the other side of the fence.
After visiting the ranch we went on to the B+B we had booked earlier that day. It was Buffelskloof Guest Farm situated 8 km from route 62. We almost thought we had lost our way. But it was well worth it.
We made our own dinner and had a nice time while the night was falling.
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