Friday 18th - Sunday 20th

Cape Town - Uppsala

Last day in South Africa: Resting, sunbathing, packing.

A short excursion to the centre of Cape Town where we walked through the Company's Garden, a colonial park.
Many houses on Long Street are in genuine colonial style.
Tilde in the sofa with Nic and Sandy, hosts of the Carmichael Guesthouse.
At sunrise we went to the airport. The aircraft left at 8 and we had a long day across the whole continent. The only interesting view was over the Sahara desert.
Since there was no connecting flight in London we stayed overnight at a hotel close to Heathrow Airport. This picture was taken in the early morning on November 20th. Frost and fog.

Back home in Sweden again. At Stockholm-Arlanda Airport there were Christmas decorations and snow.


At home at last. The rest of this day we are unpacking and washing clothes. Tomorrow is a working-day.

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