Saturday 5th

Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope, Cape Town

On Saturday we made an excursion to Cape Point. We stopped in Simonstown to visit the colony of African penguins, so called jackass penguins, following from the sound they make.

The penguins have come together to look at all the curious human beings.

It is their moulting period.


We continued south to the tip of the Cape peninsula. There are two "capes", Cape Point with the lighthouse and the Cape of Good Hope, the latter is the most famous. Anna, Tommy and Tilde walked the more dramatic track to the Cape Point lighthouse and Olle and Gudrun walked to the cliffs of Cape of Good Hope.

It was rather windy that day.

On the left picture you can see the lighthouse from above. The other picture shows the Cape of Good Hope seen from Cape Point.


There is a road to the Cape of Good Hope. Of course we had to take a picture standing behind the well-known sign.

And this picture shows Cape Point from the Cape of Good Hope.

Of course there are a lot of flowers that have to be documented. Many of them grow only in South Africa and we don't know their names.

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