Tuesday 15th - Wednesday 16th

Buffelskloof - Robertson - Cape Town

We had breakfast on the veranda of the house, "Outa Dolf se Huis", which is one of the carefully renovated houses they rent out to tourists. The valley is green and surrounded by red hills.

We also visited the main house whose oldest parts is from the late nineteenth century. This is a working farm with huge pastures, fields and plenty of animals. Of course there are ostriches.


We bought some bottles from the farmer and we picked a lot of ripe apricots right of the tree.


He let us ride on the back of his bakkie (pick-up truck) to the ostrich enclosure and let us hold a two days old ostrich "baby".

The grown up ostriches are imposing.

Tilde must have some help to hold it.

Westwards from Oudtshoorn there is a bar with a legend. The story goes like this.
Ronnie had the bright idea to open a bar and a shop at the long and desolate road. He painted "Ronnies" on the sign but no one stopped.
Then he added "Shop" to the sign but still there where no customers.
Finally his friends came up with the idea of adding "sex" to the sign and suddenly everybody stopped at his bar. There is absolutely no sex but you can buy beer and coffee and that is all you need in this desert-like place.
We reached Robertson, the heart of the Roberts Wine Valley. The streets in the town centre are bordered with jacaranda trees and they where all blooming.



There are a lot of wine farms in this area. By chance we chose Bon Cap since they offered both tasting, dinner and accommodation. It turned out to be a good choice. The wine and food was excellent.

There were many beautiful flowers on the farm.

In this pond there were thousands of frogs and they had a loud concert all night long.
All the award winning wines are displayed in the exhibition hall.

On Wednesday we went back to Cape Town. Everywhere we could see big fruit farms.

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