Thursday 17th

Cape Town

Here is a magnificent panorama of the UCT, University of Cape Town. Per took the picture.
He guided us through the campus area on Thursday and then he went home to pack his bags for his return to Sweden.


In the afternoon we made a trip by boat to Robben Island. It starts from the well-known Clock Tower at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.

The guide had been a prisoner himself and he told us very vividly about the cruel prison island.

Alfred & Victoria Waterfront is a giant shopping centre and there are lots of restaurants. There is lots of hurry and bustle with musicians and people strolling around all the time.

Many shops are selling African curios. For example big stone statues and a crocodile made of wood. To the left a picture of a woman weaver.


The Waterfront is beautifully situated around in the harbour at the foot of the Table Mountain.

Inside all Christmas decorations were just being put in place, among others this enormous "plastic" Christmas tree.

In the evening we all went to a nice Belgian restaurant, Den Anker, and had a three course meal. Here you can se tomato with mozzarella on a decorated plate. A perfect final was the Irish coffee served with elegance.



We were strolling around for a while in the warm summer evening.

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