Friday 4th

The Table Mountain, Cape Town

This morning the "cloth" on top of the Table Mountain had scattered and we decided to take a trip up with the cable car. Many other people had the same idea and we had to stay in line. Luckily this did not take much time.
The cable car brought us up to the summit, 1086 metres above sea level. You can see the small cabin on this picture. In the background Lions Head and the sea.

From up here there is a fantastic view in all directions.

The mountain is really flat on top. Shadows from clouds cover Devil's Peak.
Even if the slopes of the mountain look steep there is a path that you can walk down - or up - if you don't want to use the cable car. We decided to take the path since the weather was so good.

The descent starts in a narrow gorge and it feels like stepping right out into the sky...


It is really wild terrain. The track is man-made, but many natural obstacles remain. We have to climb over big rocks and it is a very, very long way down. After a while you really feel it in your legs.



This is a kind of protea.


The descent takes 3 to 4 hours. And tomorrow our legs will be sore and stiff for three days.

There are a lot of flowers on the slope and Gudrun often stops and takes pictures of them.
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