Wednesday 9th - Friday 11th

Caledon - Mossel Bay - Plettenberg Bay - St Francis

The left picture shows us outside the lilac painted house in Caledon where the B+B is located.

The picture above is JJ's Restaurant where we had dinner.

This is a typical view seen from the road going from Cape Town to Mossel Bay. Mile after mile of yellow fields but very few houses. The mountains in the north form a majestic background.

Here is Mossel Bay and the Indian Ocean. The waves were great and strong but the temperature in the water did not make bathing an enjoyable experience, though a few tough Swedes braved the chilling water.


We stayed overnight in Mossel Bay and continued on Thursday along the beautiful coast. To the left a place called Wilderness.

Food - this time Japanese - in Plettenberg Bay.

Plettenberg Bay is a luxurious seaside resort. This is the exclusive, Anlin Place.

On Friday in a calm lagoon in Tsitsikama Natures Valley. A wonderful place.

In Tsitsikama there is "The Big Tree" or "Groote Boom", a tree 800 years old of enormous dimensions. It is a yellowwood. Height 36,6 m, crown spread 32,9 m, girth 8,9 m or 8 adults. Trunk content 50,9 cubic metres.


Many severe fires have destroyed vast areas this year.


On Friday evening we stopped in St Francis Bay, a small town with traditional buildings.

And of course we found a good restaurant. This time we chose a Portuguese meal with generous portions.

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